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Eyelash Extensions

Who Doesn't Love Them!

Eyelash Extensions at the Chandler LaVida Medspa!Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Beyonce Knowles, Nicole Kidman, Lucy Liu, Naomi Campbell, and Kim Kardashian have them!  Eyelash extensions add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes.

What Are They?

Eyelash extensions give you longer, fuller eyelashes without the mascara clumpy look. You’ll look fresh from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed! Our lash technicians work with you to decide which look you want – from natural to glamorous and anywhere in between.

LaVida Medspa does not use cluster lashes.  LaVida Medspa eyelash extensions are individual lashes glued to your existing eyelashes one by one with tweezers. This transforms your natural lashes into lush, beautiful, longer lashes. Our Eyelash Extensions are water-proof; you will look great when you shower, exercise and sleep. LaVida Massage's eyelash extensions will last weeks, and even months with regular fills (recommended every 2 to 3 weeks).

Why Do I Need Eyelash Extension Fills?

Your eyelashes, like the rest of the hair on your body, grow and shed in accordance with a predictable cycle. The eyelash growth cycle is broken down into three stages: Anagen (growth) phase, Catagen (transition) phase, and Telogen (resting) phase. Each individual eyelash is on its own phase of the growth cycle.

This means you have eyelashes that are both growing and falling out at any given time. That’s why it’s normal to lose a few eyelashes on most days. The full eyelash cycle typically takes from 4 to 8 weeks.

When your eyelashes naturally shed, the eyelash extension glued to it sheds as well. After several months of fills your technician may recommend a new set for a fresher look.

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